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Animators & Voice Actors Wanted!

2010-05-22 00:36:39 by Chishio-kun23

i'm a total n00b when it comes to making flashes! >_< i'm more skilled when it comes to making stories & drawing pictures(characters)for the stories i make, so i made a website for one of my favorite stories, "Bouji" which is a disturbingly beautiful tale of an adorable yet insane child, it's not for children, immature people or closed minded people, on the website there's lots of stuff like character bios & pics & chapters of the manga have been posted up too, but i'd REALLY like to make a flash series of Bouji & if not a flash series at least one flash tribute to Bouji so that i could put it up on the website, all people who help me make this will of course be credited for it & will recieve my greatest thanks & appreciation! so how 'bout it? wanna help me? please??? XD

The Bouji Website

Animators & Voice Actors Wanted!


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